Integrated Systems

We have a wealth of experience in creating complex integrations between systems, which can simplify and streamline workflows for staff. Our integrations are designed to be robust and reliable and can help reduce response times and improve efficiency in fast-paced environments.Learn More

Access Control and Physical Identity Management

Our team of experts can help you develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive physical identity management strategy for your organization. We are partnered with industry-leading software companies and manufacturers to ensure that we can provide secure, auditable solutions that incorporate role-based access control. We are leading the way in the use of sophisticated applications leveraging machine learning and AI to secure identities and create efficient onboarding solutions for companies and organizations that value security. We understand the value of identity and maintaining controls in rapidly scaling environments with complex challenges.

Video Management

Our video surveillance services can help you design, install and maintain a comprehensive and effective video surveillance system for your business or organization. We can help you select the right cameras and equipment, and configure them to work together seamlessly. We can also help you leverage video analytics to streamline your security response and improve your overall security posture. And if you’re looking to offload your video surveillance data to the cloud, we can help you with that too. Cybersecurity and hardening for compliance with industry standards and regulations are always important, and we can help you ensure that your system is compliant. We can help your organization strategize on the effective use of video management to become proactive, have a comprehensive insight into your premises, and provide valuable data to be leveraged in more ways than simply historical video recordings.Learn More

Project Management

We understand that technology projects can be some of the most difficult to manage, but we have the capabilities to ensure successful deployments of even the most sophisticated systems. Our experienced team can provide oversight and management for the technological portions of your project, so you can focus on the rest. With our help, you can be confident that your technology project will be a success.Learn More

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comprehensive physical and cyber security solutions that protect our clients’ information assets and operational infrastructure. We are committed to staying ahead of the trends and providing our clients with the most up-to-date security solutions. We want to safeguard our critical infrastructure and promote public safety through holistic security approaches.